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Organising using food

We love how food brings people together! In the UK we co-founded Community Oven CICin Spain, Sopa Madrid.


Community Oven: committed to connecting people and communities through good food!

We supported a range of community events and projects which bring people together through cooking and eating. This kind of activity is really important to our well-being as individuals and as neighbourhoods and draw on our own lived experiences.

We worked to reduce social isolation through our commitment to forming relationships with the people where we lived and worked and through these relationships we supported local lad, Miles, to take Community Oven forward.

Sopa Madrid created spaces where social entrepreneurs come together with other responsible businesses and local community. They ran events such showcases and fashion shows which double as micro-funding with attendees voting on a project to give their entry fee to. 

If you're curious, see the 'what we do' section.

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