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Listening in Schools

As part of Know My Neighbour week Community Organiser Volunteers Rebecca and Margarita Hattie and Dot in running a listening session in Coombe Road Primary School.

We had 45 year 4 children with us and their teaching assistants and teachers. We spent the first half of the lesson thinking about COMMUNITY.

WHAT IS COMMUNITY? For the children: Friends, family, neighbours, my school is a community, shops, the park, I am part of a polish community -we meet in Preston Park for picnics, there is often a leader or leaders like MPs, people work and live in a community, pets!, people I love....

Then we spoke about a SPACE for our COMMUNITY.

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN INSIDE AND OUTSIDE A COMMUNITY SPACE? (These are only some of the wonderful ideas!) Magic club, art club, computers for everyone to use, a cafe (came up many times), pet parties every day at 2pm!, a doughnut/chocolate/sprinkles/slushies machine!, it would be peaceful, at bed time you would have parties, rooms with guitars/instruments, a music teacher,

WHAT WOULD HAPPEN OUTSIDE A COMMUNITY SPACE? Overwhelming response was: A SWIMMING POOL... A treehouse, swings, animals to play with, an apple tree to grow apples to make into apple pie inside, a play house, a paddling pool, a surfing game, flowers and trees, a bike hut to store your bike...

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