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Consultoría y Capacitación 


Interested in using community organising in your work but not sure how to begin? 

We can be an important resource, using our knowledge to help you build your own organising and campaigning projects. 

Communicating how your project would work and what it could acheive can be tricky when you're just starting out, providing insight from our varied experiences we can help. Whether it be bid writing, fundraising, partnership building or starting a new project, get in touch and find out what we've got to offer! 


Training people is a passion of ours. Below are just some of the sessions that we've developed. Training is tailor made especially for you and your unique work. We create the right environment for learning taking into consideration location, those participating and their life experience. Food is important and provides a vital part of our holistic approach. 

If you'd like us to really get to grips with things, why not get us in as consultants first to make the most of us?

Basic community organising skills:

Active Listening

Creating and Sustaining Action

History of Community Organising

Power analysis

Secondary community organising skills:

Managing Relationships and Conflict

Digital Organising

Building Strong Campaigns

Hosting Creative Conversations

Pitch Training

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