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Let's Co-organise was set up by Dot and Valentina who were brought together at Brighton Students’ Union. We were the first community organisers to be employed by a Students’ Union in 2013 and worked on and off campuses with residents and students. In 2016 we started self employed work and struck out on our own, expanding to Spain as Valentina moved to Madrid. We share a passion for people that crosses borders, languages and cultures. Community organising has been our vehicle for showing this and supporting people to fight for change.

Let's Co-organise is now mainly led by Dot who collaborates with other organiser friends. Since 2016 she has brought her skills to a wide variety of organisations, roles and sectors.

Dot continues to practice different forms of organising, learning from the organisations and groups she works with and sharing this insight through training, consultancy and groundwork.  


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